Rebecca Boylan

Rebecca Boylan has been teaching in Georgetown Universitys English Department since Fall 2006.

Rebecca Boylan has been teaching in Georgetown University's English Department since Fall 2006. She taught in George Washington University's English and Honors Departments from 2002-07 and resumed as Honors Core Faculty in Fall 2008 through the present. She's lectured at the Smithsonian on Jane Austen and Graham Greene. As a teacher, her main goal is to encourage and mentor students to find ways to intellectually imagine and articulate critical thinking questions and responses to the ideas in the works we study. As a scholar, she most enjoys exploring ways the imagistic language of a particular writer illuminates a nuanced truth of human nature, from how/why we know, desire, and fear to how/why we express, re-create, refine or destroy who we are. She's a voracious reader, with an ever expanding appetite for film, music, theatre, and visual art who loves traveling with her family, whether riding the rapids of the Colorado River, hiking the rugged Welsh coast, adoring Australia's fairy penguins' ritual twilight homecoming from the sea, delighting in the hallowed domes and spires of Oxford or the magic of London's West End. Rebecca earned her B.A. from Carleton College, her M.A.T. from The University of Chicago, and her Ph.D. from George Washington University. She is currently working on a book exploring visual art in the 19th C novel as knowledge, desire, and the uncanny.