Mike Nichols

Mike Nichols is the Director of Products at Endgame, a leading endpoint security platform, managing the Product Management and User Experience teams to foster an environment of constant customer feedback, deep market research, and continual development of differentiated technology.

Photo of Mike Nichols

Mr. Nichols has years of commercial and federal sales, product development, customer consulting, and technical training experience, helping customers battle targeted attacks and combat adversaries in their environment. Prior to working at cyber security vendors, Mr. Nichols was a security analyst serving as the shift lead for a major government security operations center (SOC). At the SOC he was responsible for managing and tuning the multiple layers of security solutions, ranging from network to endpoint defenses. Mr. Nichols developed his passion for cyber security while serving as a Sergeant and Intelligence Analyst in the U.S. Army during Operation Enduring Freedom and Operation Iraqi Freedom.