Michael Czinkota

Michael Czinkota teaches International Business at Georgetown University's McDonough School of Business in Washington DC, USA, where he also served as Chairman of the National Center for Export Import Studies.

Photo of Michael Czinkota

A former Deputy Assistant Secretary of Commerce, he advises the Executive Office of the President, the U.S. Congress and the WTO. He was also a partner in a fur trading company and an advertising agency.His current research focuses on terrorism and international marketing, trade policy, global market entry and export development strategies. He is the co-author, together with Ilkka Ronkainen, of two leading text books, International Marketing, 8th edition and International Business, 7th edition, and of the trade book Mastering Global Markets, all with Thomson Publishers He was listed among the three most published authors in international business in the world. He serves on the board of governors of the Academy of Marketing Science and on a number of editorial boards.