Jacques Berlinerblau

Jacques Berlinerblau Director, Program for Jewish Civilization Professor of Jewish Civilization Ph.D, 1999, Sociology, The New School for Social Research Ph.D, 1991, Ancient Near Eastern Languages and Literatures, New York University Jacques Berlinerblau holds separate doctorates in ancient Near Eastern Languages and Literatures, and in Sociology.

Photo of Jacques Berlinerblau

He is currently an Associate Professor and Director of the Program for Jewish Civilization at the Edmund A. Walsh School of Foreign Service at Georgetown University. Berlinerblau has published on a wide variety of issues ranging from the composition of the Hebrew Bible, to the sociology of heresy, to modern Jewish intellectuals, to African-American and Jewish-American relations. His articles on these and other subjects have appeared in Biblica, Journal for the Study of the Old Testament, Semeia, Biblical Interpretation, Journal of Northwest Semitic Languages, Hebrew Studies, Journal of the American Academy of Religion, and History of Religions. He has published seven books: How to Be Secular: A Call to Arms for Religious Freedom (Houghton Mifflin Harcourt); Thumpin' It: The Use and Abuse of the Bible in Today's Presidential Politics (Westminster John Knox), Heresy in the University: The Black Athena Controversy and the Responsibility of American Intellectuals (Rutgers University Press), and The Secular Bible: Why Nonbelievers Must Take Religion Seriously (Cambridge University Press). His latest book is Campus Confidential Campus Confidential: How College Works, or Doesn't, for Professors, Parents, and Students (Melville House).