Veronica Red

Introduction to Data Science Faculty   Dr. Veronica Red is a highly skilled data scientist with a Ph.D. in Biomathematics, over a decade of coding experience, and seven years of experience in the world of data science.

Photo of Veronica Red

After several years working with hospitals, universities, and companies as a data scientist, Dr. Veronica Red founded Marvelous Modeling in 2018 because they wanted to use their vast skillset to make a positive impact on our ever-changing world. As a nonbinary professional, Dr. Red advocates for increased gender diversity in the field by working directly with companies that seek to expand the diversity of their teams. Dr. Red founded the Gender Diversity Around the Axis (GDATA) meetup in 2016 to create a safer space for womxn, trans men, and nonbinaries in data science to network with one another, benefit from training and networking opportunities, and be recruited by companies committed to increased gender diversity. GDATA hosts recurring meetups in Washington, DC with data science speakers, networking events, mentoring opportunities, and workshops. Connect with our national network of 2,600 members via our Meetup page. Dr. Red’s expertise in network analysis, machine learning, communication, data visualization, and statistical modeling will make them a sharp-minded and valuable addition to your project. View Dr. Red’s past work examples on