Amanda Zinke

Amanda Zinke is the CEO and founder of two businesses: Lead Bee Leadership Development, empowering leaders within organizations, and the Coaching Cottage, supporting women at home and in the workplace.  Both firms offer coaching, consulting, facilitation, and training.

Photo of Amanda Zinke

Amanda has a Master of Business Administration (MBA) from Chicago’s Booth School of Business and a Master of Science and Organizational Development (MSOD) from Pepperdine University. Internally, she has held strategy and leadership roles at organizations such as Fidelity, IBM, Microsoft and Talbots, which enables her to understand how companies function and the importance of business impact.   Amanda is a graduate of Georgetown’s Executive Facilitation Program and this, combined with 20 years of external coaching and facilitation experience, enable her to understand how individuals and groups work, learn, change and grow.  Amanda  is also a graduate of Georgetown’s Executive Coaching Program and a Professional Certified Coach (PCC) with the International Coaching Federation (ICF). As a coach, Amanda is authentic, honest and insightful. Her deep listening and powerful questions allow clients to see things from different perspectives, learn more about themselves and reach their goals. As an adjunct faculty member in the Executive Coaching Program at Georgetown University, Amanda loves to help each coach find their unique voice and style.  As a facilitator, she believes the answers are in the room.  She models the practices she’s teaching, and uses immersive exercises to help students apply their learnings. Amanda’s heart-centered teaching style invites vulnerability and openness. It creates trust and safety, allowing groups to go deeper in conversations, include more diverse voices and opinions, break open ideas, and build powerful approaches to enable learning, growth, and transformation.  Amanda lives with her husband and three littles outside of Boston, where she enjoys her garden, reading a fabulous book, beachdays and dining out.