Eric Burger

Eric W. Burger is a Research Professor in the Computer Science at Georgetown University.Dr.

Photo of Eric Burger

Burger is the founder and first Director of the NSF site of the Security and Software Engineering Research Center, as well as Co-PI of the Blockchain, Technology, Ecosystem and Design Research Center. He teaches the FinTech and Blockchain course in the Georgetown McDonough School of Business, as well as classes on networking and network security. His research, publications, patents, and standards documents authored are available at Dr. Burger hold an SBEE, MBA, and PhD in Computer Science from the Massachusetts Institute of Technology, Catholic University of Leuven (Belgium), and Illinois Institute of Technology, He is a Senior Member of the IEEE, Senior Member of the ACM, and a Member of the National Academy of Inventors. Dr. Burger currently serves on detail from Georgetown as the Chief Technology Officer of the Federal Communications Commission.