Ghayda Al Ali

Ghayda’s Ph.

D. is in Sociolinguistic and Translation: English-Arabic-English. She is an Associate Teaching Professor in the Department of Arabic and Islamic Studies at Georgetown University. Her research interests lean heavily towards News Discourse Analysis of Arabic print media and its interaction with the western media. She has a strong passion to improve communications and understanding between two disparate cultures of the Arab and the Western. She is the winner of 2015 Georgetown ITEL Cohort Award and 2016 Doyle Faculty Cohort Award, and the 2017 CIBER Business Language Research and Teaching grants.

She is the author of:

- How Arab Journalists Translate English-Language Newspaper Headlines: Case Studies in Cross-Cultural Understanding, 2011

- The translator of the Discourse and Power ''الخطاب والسلطة''

- Hero or Terrorist? A comparative analysis of Arabic and Western Media Depictions of the Execution of Saddam and the Death of Zarqawi, 2013

- Villains, Victims, Labels and Euphemisms: An Analysis of Aljazeera Terror Terminology Variation by Event and Audience, 2015

- Arabic with Us, 2017