Ryan Draude

Having led the hospitality rewards program for one of the largest global hotel chains, Ryan Draude is excited to educate and inspire the next generation of loyalty leaders.

Ryan Draude

His mission is to share the philosophy, frameworks and real-world experiences that will help students embrace the power that loyalty programs offer to acquire, activate and engage members, and to build long-term relationships and lasting value for the organization.

Loyalty is not just a commendable attribute; it is a principle on which companies succeed through repeated business and dialogue with the customers they serve. In this world, returning adjunct professor Ryan Draude has significant experience in both standing up new loyalty & retention programs and in optimizing existing ones to their full potential.

The current Head of Loyalty & Digital for Giant Food is responsible for fostering the long-term relationship with prospective and current shoppers across a variety of brick and mortar and digital channels and authoring the near and long-term loyalty road map that identifies and executes benefits, promotions and partnerships that serve millions of shoppers who shop both in-store and via eCommerce channels.

Ryan formerly led Choice Privileges, the multi billion-dollar reward program for Choice Hotels, and over a five-year period completely overhauled the program via the scrutiny of member data and the respect to listen to what members sought from the program. The results catapulted the program to its first major Freddie Award and moved the program from #11 in the country to #2 in the US News & World Report’s Best Hotel Reward Program category.

Prior, Ryan earned a U.S. patent for his work standing up Sallie Mae’s first retention program through his delivery of the first true-cost college affordability online tool for all families to understand the real education financing. His tenure includes other loyalty and marketing leadership positions with Capital One, Citigroup and Switchfly.

Proud to return to his roots, Ryan earned his M.B.A. from Georgetown’s McDonough School of Business and holds a B.A. in International Business from Marymount University.