Loren Hurst

For over twenty-five years, Mr. Hurst has conceived, created, and managed public affairs, instructional, and marketing initiatives for government agencies, new enterprises, business associations, and nonprofits in domestic and international contexts.

Photo of Loren Hurst

He has managed online communities in Brussels, coordinated fundraising efforts for clean energy and biotech enterprises, represented business interests to governments in Europe and the United States, and trained U.S. diplomatic staff in Africa. His passions are sustainability, education, and leveraging technology for sound policy and business decisions. 

Mr. Hurst’s approach to professional endeavor is rooted in the deep desire to explore, learn, and create. Through formal education, professional experience and personal study, he has developed a strategic mindset that allows him to anticipate challenges, plan for contingencies, and retain flexibility in the interest of achieving primary objectives. His experience with different professions, cultures, languages, and technology empowers him to communicate effortlessly and effectively with a range of interlocutors regardless of nationality, profession, or political disposition.

Mr. Hurst’s industry expertise includes deep knowledge of environmental issues including climate change, fisheries management, energy policy, and others. He is also highly knowledgeable of transatlantic affairs, the dynamics of supranational institutions such as the European Union, development in emerging markets, and the role of interest groups in policy making. At a technical level, Mr. Hurst has experience in all aspects of public affairs activities, including media relations, event organization for high-level dignitaries, and relations with government agencies. In addition to strategic roles, he has served as a digital content creator, social media manager, copywriter, and voiceover artist.  

Mr. Hurst is a firm believer in personal education as an empowerment tool and the ability of each individual to become an agent for positive change. He believes the nexus of sustainability, education, and online communications technology represents a fertile context for enormous innovation. As an entrepreneur in the sustainability space, his core message is that sustainability is enlightened self-interest. The desire to spread this message drives him to understand, explore, and encourage educational and technological development for the good of individuals, society, and the planet.