Laura Hartmann-Villalta

Laura Hartmann-Villalta is a white Latinx feminist scholar committed to connecting the academic excellence of the Georgetown University humanities with the DC community.

Photo of Laura Hartmann-Villalta

From August 2021 to July 2022, she was the Director of the Engaged & Public Humanities MA Program at Georgetown.

This commitment began with a history of service both inside and outside the ivory tower that has continued to this day: she was a 2019-2020 member of the SEIU Local 500 / Georgetown University Part-time Adjunct Union’s executive committee and also currently serves as Commissioner on DC’s Developmental Disabilities Fatality Review Committee.

Fluent in Spanish, Dr. Hartmann-Villalta’s specialty is the Anglophone literature of the Spanish Civil War. She is currently revising a book manuscript entitled, She, Too, Went to Spain: Anglophone Women Writers, Photography, and the Spanish Civil War. Her research interests include visual culture studies (particularly modernist photography and art), women’s & gender studies, and human rights studies. Her second major research project focuses on women serving in the intelligence communities, particularly during the Cold War, where “male, pale, and Yale” was the unofficial motto for employee recruitment. In addition to her research, Dr. Hartmann-Villalta is invested in a mindfulness-based approach to teaching first-year writing, and she is currently exploring how to strengthen the connection to Georgetown’s Jesuit mission in her pedagogy.

Dr. Hartmann-Villalta began her higher education career in Madrid, Spain, where she conducted her coursework in Spanish (and can sympathize with all international students) and graduated with a BA in Spanish philology. She then earned degrees from Virginia Tech University (English literature MA); St. Louis University (Spanish literature MA); and Northeastern University (English literature PhD).

In her spare time, Dr. Hartmann-Villalta slowly studies Yiddish and leads a women-only young adult literature reading group. You can reach her at