Andrea Huezo

Andrea Gallelli Huezo specializes in the art and architecture of Latin America from Pre-Conquest to Modern.

Photo of Andrea Huezo

Throughout her courses, she explores Latin American’s history, belief systems, and traditions as displayed in art, material culture, and architecture while emphasizing the interaction between native traditions and imported ideas in relation to religion, race, gender, politics, rituals, and daily life. Moreover, in her classroom, she introduces students to the major artistic movements with a focus on the regional and global changes that defined, challenged, or shaped Latin American art and culture. Some of her recent courses include Pre-Conquest Art & Architecture, Latin American Art & Architecture I, Latin American Art & Architecture II, Mesoamerican Art: Myth & Ritual, and Race & Color in Latin American Art. Gallelli Huezo’s research interests also include spectacle, processions, and theatre in Latin America, Spain, and Islam.

In addition to her academic role, Andrea Gallelli Huezo brings extensive operational and personnel management experience to our Department and the wider Georgetown University community.