Stefan Zimmers

Stefan Zimmers is an assistant visiting professor of History at Georgetown University and received his B.A., M.A. and Ph.D. from Georgetown.

Photo of Stefan Zimmers

He is currently a member of the undergraduate history curriculum committee, the Foley Committee as well as the Liberal Studies core faculty. He is a frequent lecturer at the Smithsonian on topics ranging from the general historic themes of modern Europe to the Black Death and the Crusades. His primary scholarly work is on Anglo-Saxon and Angevin England with a specialized focus on the ideology of royal government. However, his other areas of interest include early colonial Latin America as well as early modern and modern Europe. Professor Zimmers is currently in the process of writing an article on the study of kingship in the Heliand, the Old Saxon version of the Gospel, which was first delivered at the meeting of the Haskins Society in 2007. He also continues to work on his book tentatively titled "Wisdom, Kingship and Royal Identity: An Examination of the Discourse on Kingship and Rulership in the Anglo-Saxon Era."