Julio Orozco

When the rungs of a slinky are traced, the trajectory is both cyclical (it appears to find the same place over and over again), and linear (there is forward progress).

Photo of Julio Orozco

Life and learning can be described as both cyclical and linear, at the same time. Dr. Orozco calls this the Slinky Effect!

Learning is a lot like the Slinky Effect. At times the same material is internalized in fresh ways due to the developmental nature of learning. In addition to the developmental aspect to classes with Dr. Orozco, there is also a heavy emphasis on constructivism, where the class itself co-constructs the knowledge being transmitted. The learning, then, comes from both instructor and students, making those involved both learners and, instructors.

Dr. Julio A. Orozco has been in the counseling field since 2007 and has worked with diverse communities and in a variety of counseling settings, from maximum security prisons to higher education. His research interests are regarding equity, access, representation, and diversity in marginalized communities, specifically as pertains to educational and vocational choices. Currently Dr. Orozco's full-time role is the Associate Director of Career Education and Counseling.

For Dr. Orozco, a native Washingtonian, coming back to DC and being part of this amazing Georgetown community through the Cawley Career Education Center has been both a cyclical and linear journey of growth and learning!