Alexander Sepulveda

Professor Sepulveda received his JD from the Maurice A. Deane School of Law at Hofstra University.

Photo of Alexander Sepulveda

He was a HEOP scholar at Syracuse University where he holds a BS in Producing for the Electronic Media and a BA in Spanish Language, Literature and Arts.

Professor Sepulveda joins the Georgetown University Sports Management staff while serving as a full-time Lecturer at Kean University. He has also served as an EOF Circle of 8 mentor since the inception of the program at Kean University. Prior to teaching at Kean University, he taught full-time at Monroe College where he founded the Sports Business Club and has held adjunct positions at St. John’s University (Sports Management), Saint Peter’s University (Sports Management) and Metropolitan College of New York (Business).

Professor Sepulveda began his legal career as an associate at Bozeman & Trott, LLP. He has also worked in New York Supreme Court for Justice Donna Mills, the New York Board of Education Legal Department, in Landlord/Tenant for New York Quadel and the New Jersey Nets. He was a certified Major League Baseball agent as President of Integrity Sports Group.

Research Interests: Sports Law; Sports Marketing; Criminal Justice Reform; Criminal Law; Race, Class & Gender and Victims of Crime.