I am a doctoral student studying slavery and its legacies in the United States.

Photo of Andrew Davenport

I am currently a research assistant with the Georgetown Slavery Archive.

I initially became interested in history through family stories, then became a teacher at a number of Jesuit schools: Brooklyn Jesuit Prep, Fairfield College Preparatory School, and Fairfield University. I served as an adjunct professor of African American Art History at Fairfield in 2018, and maintain a passion for the visual arts. True to my roots as an undergraduate English major at Kenyon College, I am also intensely interested in literature and am preparing an article about Ralph Ellison and New York City for publication.

My writings have appeared in a variety of outlets; some of my articles are accessible through the links below. I have appeared on television and radio, and have given a number of public talks about the meanings of history and the pasts of the present.