Ana Polanco

Ana M. Polanco is a founder, cultural storyteller and coach for Womxn of Color changing the approach to leadership. Ana Mercedes Polanco is passionate about unleashing the ancestral wisdom of Women of Color in leadership.

Photo of Ana Polanco

As an international coach, storyteller and cultural facilitator, she is focused on helping Women of Color find ways to lead authentically. Ana champions other women to clarify their highest calling in life and to navigate the difficult, often traumatic experiences they face at some of the top civil, labor and human rights organizations. In 2013, she left formal movement organizing to begin shaping practices to decolonize how we think about leadership. Emergent Coaching: Becoming Nimble in Complex Times, reflects the depth of coaching, Ana and other practitioners are doing to help reimagine spaces for collective justice, healing and organizational belonging. Ana’s academic roots come from American University, the University Of Wisconsin Law School, Coaching for Transformation as well as other women-led cultural, spiritual and political networks. Ana is the daughter of mixed race, indigenous parents from Latin America. When she’s not innovating, Ana is focused on enjoying the outdoors, geeking out about culture, and celebrating life with family and friends. You can read more about Ana’s perspective at IG: coach.ana or