Jay Markiewicz

An academic entrepreneur, Jay’s career blends his passions for innovating and creating with his talents as a scholar and teacher.

He leverages his insatiable curiosity and an “it is possible” mindset to explore methods for entrepreneurial action. He codifies frameworks and mindsets for entrepreneurs and leaders that desire new innovative methods of approach. Jay shares this content as a coach, facilitator, teacher, and featured writer so that others may gain clarity and confidence on how to accomplish their entrepreneurial and leadership goals. Jay currently serves as the Virginia Commonwealth University School of Business Assistant Professor and Executive Director of Entrepreneurship Programs where he mentors and guides practitioners, designs curriculum, and teaches entrepreneurship/leadership.  In partnership with the Ford Fund, Jay designed and delivers workshops for the Henry Ford Entrepreneurship Academy in the Middle East, Africa, Europe, and US. He has personally trained over 1000 global practitioners of entrepreneurship and his workshops have been translated and delivered in multiple languages. As a founder of several startup ventures, he keeps his personal entrepreneurship skills honed and relevant. His accolades include “Emerging Entrepreneurship Teacher” awarded by USASBE, “Featured Entrepreneur over 40” by the Richmond Venture Forum, and “People You Need to Meet” by the Richmond Times Dispatch. Jay serves on multiple community boards, is a mentor for the Lighthouse Labs entrepreneurship accelerator, and has been an appointed member of the Virginia Governor’s Council for Youth Entrepreneurship.