Alice Thompson

Alice is an experienced business leader and DEI practitioner.

Having spent the first part of her career in Finance, Marketing, and Strategy Consulting before pivoting to DEI, Alice has worked across geographies, industries, and in companies of all sizes. She is currently a DEI /CSR (Corporate Social Responsibility) leader and has an executive coaching business. She has been on the board of 3 non-profits, including one she co-founded, Together & Free, for which she was awarded Keeping Families Together award in 2019. Personally, Alice is an international adoptee from Korea, adopted into a White American family with two siblings who were not adopted. This experience has influenced her desire to work in the DEI space given her unique experiences with a multi-racial and multi-cultural family. In the last decade, she has lived in 3 countries and 6 US states in her efforts to continually expand her understanding of different people and culture. In her spare time, she likes to learn languages, travel, hike, and kayak/paddleboard.