Claudio Toyama

Claudio is an author, award-winning speaker, and seasoned leadership coach.

Photo of Claudio Toyama

Claudio’s mission is to ensure that senior leaders embody authentic leadership so that they can increase their impact. A descendant of Samurai, Claudio was born and raised in Brazil, and has lived in Japan, Italy, the UK and the US. He is the CEO of Toyama & Co., a leadership consultancy specializing in building sustainable peak performance cultures and has consulted in 113 countries so far. Claudio’s ability to create paradigm shifts in corporate culture results in more thoughtful leadership, a staff of brand ambassadors and customers who feel the difference and embrace it. He is an ICF-PCC certified executive coach, a mentor coach at Newfield Network (US) and, an Adjunct Faculty at the Institute for Transformational Leadership at Georgetown University. He is the author of the best-seller book "The Samurai Samba Vinci Way: How to Improve Your Executive Presence, Increase Trust and Lead Your Team at a World-Class Level". In his leadership and executive coaching sessions, he combines Eastern and Western philosophies while providing a Sacred Space for the transformation that will unfold. He is a lifelong learner, having received a BA in Business Administration, graduate degrees in Marketing, Strategy, and Communication Studies and a Masters Degree in Interactive Multimedia, prior to graduating from Newfield Network in Ontological Coaching and graduating from the Institute for Generative Leadership in Coaching Excellence in Organizations. He is certified in Diversity and Inclusion by Cornell University. He is resolved to do his part to bring more beauty and passion to the world, and is easily distracted with ice cream, chocolate, and sushi but probably not all at the same time. He lives with his daughter outside of Washington D.C. (USA) and consults around the world.