John Gale

A strategic thinker helping clients grow their business by bringing insight into strategy and inspiration to creativity, he thrives on a challenge and has a natural ability to make the complex understandable.

Photo of John Gale

With over 15 years of experience, he worked with both client and agency sides of marketing.

John is particularly adept at establishing business contacts, drawing people into partnerships, coordinating activities, arranging interaction between investors, and encouraging and supporting creative business ventures.

Recently he helped set up Dodge with wrestling star Bill Goldberg and Motor Trend Network for a unique contest-based show called Chief Donut Maker.

Specialties: Alternative Media Strategy, Go-to-Market Strategy, Performance Marketing, Growth Hacking, eCommerce, and Influencer Marketing.

John’s current client portfolio includes AARP, Stellantis - Dodge,, Brightline Trains, and others.