Kathryn McDevitt

Katie McDevitt (pronouns she/her) is dual certified as a CNM & WHNP-BC who practices in the Washington, D.C. area.

Photo of Kathryn McDevitt

Katie graduated from Georgetown's MSN -NM/WHNP program in 2017. She practice in the community birth setting for two years. She now works at a FQHC in Washington, D.C. and as a laborist in a Maryland hospital. Katie is grateful for her education at Georgetown and the mentorship that she received from her faculty and peers. In 2018, Katie started working at OCI and from there, has continued her growth with Georgetown. Katie now works as a CFA, teaching 7671, serving as course coordinator for 7671 and 7672 for the Spring 2024, co-coordinating OCI for NURO 7688, coordinates Advocacy Day, and will provide interim support for the CFD role.

Prior to midwifery and women's health, Katie worked with solar energy.