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Rohin Sharma

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Rohin Sharma

Rohin Sharma is the senior Middle East/Terrorism Analyst at the US Army. In this capacity, he is responsible for briefing the senior Army leadership (including the Chief of Staff) on all issues relevant to current operations in the CENTCOM region. He coordinates open source and intelligence information to ensure that Army equities are informed of the threat and current situation relating to ISIS, Al Qaeda, and large Middle Eastern trends.

Previously, Rohin worked at the Defense Threat Reduction Agency. At DTRA, he was responsible for analyzing threats and assessing vulnerabilities related to Weapons of Mass Destruction and nuclear proliferation. Rohin also worked as an analyst with the Department of Defense, specifically focused on the IED problem set. In this capacity, he integrated academia, industry, and the intelligence community in defeating this threat. He was recognized as a subject matter expert in his field and briefed at numerous conferences, meetings, and congressional forums.

Rohin spent seven years on active duty in the US Army as an intelligence officer. While on active duty, Rohin deployed to OPERATION IRAQI FREEDOM as a Battalion S–2 with the 101st Airborne Division. In addition, he was a J2 planner during OPERATION ENDURING FREEDOM from 2003–2004. Rohin also served as a ground surveillance platoon leader in the Republic of Korea in 2001.

Rohin holds a BA from Johns Hopkins University, where he completed a thesis on the effects of nuclear deterrence in South Asia. He completed his MA in Security Studies from Georgetown University. He is the chief instructor to MPAI 600 Introduction to Applied Intelligence.