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Jonida Spahija

Jonida Spahija currently serves as the Director of Strategic Partnerships working for the public school system in Fairfax County.

Jonida Spahija

In this role, she is responsible for identifying, developing partnerships and creating new business models to achieve defined goals, particularly for underserved students.

She previously worked in the private sector and held a multitude of finance, accounting, and research positions at Fidelity Investments. She spent the majority of her time working in business intelligence for the Fidelity Enterprise Relationships Group, a unit of Fidelity Investments responsible for growing and retaining Fidelity’s most strategic institutional client relationships. She was a key team member in the oversight of the planning and management of continuous communication used in retaining Fidelity’s most strategic institutional clients. She produced briefing updates, developed independent business insight and recommendations, and effectively communicated these results to the senior management team. Her responsibilities included collaboration with senior executives, supporting critical client relationships through enterprise engagement, leading strategic account planning sessions and gathering competitive business intelligence.

Jonida received a Bachelor of Science Degree in Finance from Bentley University and a Masters Degree in Leadership from Northeastern University.