28 Jan 12-1pm ET
Programs in Cybersecurity Risk Management Webinar  
03 Feb 12-1:30pm ET
Current and Emerging Security Challenges in Washington D.C.  

Mission & Learning Goals

Mission Statement

The Georgetown University Master’s in Cybersecurity Risk Management program prepares students to reduce the risk exposure of organizations through the design and implementation of effective cybersecurity strategies and governance frameworks grounded in best practices.

Learning Goals

Upon completing the Cybersecurity Risk Management program, you will be able to:

  • Creative and Critical Thinking: Design adapted cybersecurity and risk mitigation strategies for organizations
  • Global Competence: Create cybersecurity solutions that integrate international perspectives on threats, vulnerabilities, and regulations
  • Ethical Reasoning and Values: Employ ethical decision frameworks to respond to moral dilemmas in cybersecurity
  • Applied Problem Solving: Apply cybersecurity governance frameworks that integrate regulations and compliance requirements relevant to diverse industry sectors
  • Information Literacy: Evaluate relevant and credible cyber intelligence products in order to assess and manage cybersecurity risks across the organization
  • Technological Competency: Analyze the potential impact of integrating new technologies on organization information network and infrastructure security
  • Communication: Communicate complex cybersecurity challenges effectively and advocate for investment of resources to diverse stakeholders