Certificate in Social Impact Partnership Design
Certificate in Social Impact Partnership Design

Certificate Program

Flex Learning

Develop strategic partnerships to create social impact now and into the future through a signature design thinking approach.

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21 Jan 12-12:45pm ET
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11 Feb 12-1pm ET
Professional Certificate in Social Impact Partnership Design Webinar  

Certificate in Social Impact Partnership Design

Please note: All classes will be taught in a Flex Learning environment for the Fall & Spring—using live Zoom video conferencing—to mirror a more traditional classroom with regular interaction, engaging activities, and the dynamic exploration of topics and concepts.

Partnerships within the social impact sector are in the midst of rapid evolution. The number and types of partnerships are at an all-time high while the level of sophistication of such collaborations is inconsistent. Corporations partnering with nonprofits, public-private partnerships, cross-sector collaborations, the rise of shared value, strategic alliances, and branded cause partnerships: These are just some of the approaches that make partnership work so compelling yet complex to navigate.

Despite the increasing sophistication of partnership development models and methods that work to drive social impact, the process is still essentially human. How do you tap into that element, while using both sides of your brain? It takes more than colorful Post-it notes and markers.

With curriculum developed and taught by Georgetown University’s Center for Social Impact Communication, the Certificate in Social Impact Partnership Design teaches current and prospective partnership professionals of all levels how to apply human centered design thinking, powered by empathy, to create partnerships that drive more societal impact. During this intensive three-day program, you'll master a signature approach to social impact partnership design that integrates strategy and collaboration across multiple stakeholders with different areas of expertise. By the time you complete the program, you'll walk away with not only the tools you need to successfully develop partnerships, but also the confidence to apply it to your own situations, connections, and organizations.

  • Ideal for

    Current & aspiring social impact professionals

  • Duration

    3 consecutive days

  • Format

    Flex Learning

  • Tuition


  • Semester of Entry

    Fall & spring

  • Enrollment

    All day, 3 consecutive week days

This section has testimonials from current students and alumni.

  • Headshot of Elizabeth Truffa

    Many partnership professionals are looking to create social impact at scale—but how can we strategically implement meaningful partnerships that catalyze change? Georgetown’s Certificate in Social Impact Partnership Design is a must for those looking to transform their partnerships through focusing on community, collaboration, and the creation of shared value.”

    Elizabeth Truffa Social Impact Partnership Design
  • Headshot of Marlee Margolin

    I can't believe how much I grew both personally and professionally in the three days I attended this program. Not only did I develop a solid understanding of what makes a social impact partnership transformational, but I also walked away with actionable next steps for building human-centered partnerships in my current role.”

    Marlee Margolin Social Impact Partnership Design
  • Headshot of Hermeka Ray

    The Certificate in Social Impact Partnership Design provokes leaders to thoughtfully design compelling, purpose-driven partnerships that build connection, trust, and sustainable outcomes for the organizations and communities we serve. As a result, I’ve effectively humanized our work while driving social impact and tangible value to our business.”

    Hermeka Ray Social Impact Partnership Design
  • Headshot of John Trybus, Managing Director

    Through a unique human centered design thinking process, Georgetown University’s Certificate in Social Impact Partnership Design assists changemakers in creating and activating strategic partnerships that make a difference for people, organizations, and society.”

    John Trybus, Managing Director Social Impact Partnership Design

Upon successful completion of the program, you’ll be able to:

  • Distinguish the characteristics and differences of various partnership models used within the social impact sector and when each should be employed
  • Understand the fundamental principles of design thinking while gaining insights into how to utilize them for social impact partnership work
  • Apply a signature approach to partnership development, based upon design thinking, to the work of social impact
  • Create a social impact partnership strategy for your own organization, both now and into the future