Social Impact Partnerships

Certificate in Social Impact Partnerships

Flex Learning

Develop strategic partnerships to create social impact now and into the future through a signature design thinking approach.

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24 Jun 12-1pm ET
Professional Certificate in Social Impact Partnerships Webinar  
Please note: All classes will be taught in a Flex Learning environment for the Spring & Summer—using live Zoom video conferencing—to mirror a more traditional classroom with regular interaction, engaging activities, and the dynamic exploration of topics and concepts.

Partnerships within the social impact sector are at an inflection point that requires a different mindset to succeed. While the number and types of partnerships are at an all-time high, impact can be harder to achieve despite the many new models. Corporations partnering with nonprofits, purpose brands, public-private partnerships, cross-sector collaborations, the rise of shared value, strategic alliances, and branded cause partnerships—these are just some of the approaches that make partnership work exciting, but also increasingly challenging to break through the clutter in an effort to create partnerships that matter.

It’s time for interventions that infuse creativity and innovation at key stages in the process of partnership development. This program will equip you with the mindset that despite the codification of process and strategy, partnership development is still essentially driven by people. How do you tap into that human element by using both sides of your brain as the steward of a social impact partnership?

With curriculum developed and taught by Georgetown University’s Center for Social Impact Communication, the Certificate in Social Impact Partnerships is a three-day intensive program that teaches current and prospective partnership professionals of all levels how to apply human-centered design thinking, powered by empathy, to create and sustain partnerships. You'll walk away with the tools needed to successfully develop partnerships, but also the perspective and confidence to apply it to your own situation, using your strengths as a current or prospective partnership professional dedicated to creating social impact in the world.

  • Ideal for

    Current & aspiring social impact professionals

  • Duration

    3 consecutive days

  • Format

    Flex Learning

  • Tuition


  • Semester of Entry

    Fall & spring

  • Enrollment

    All day, 3 consecutive week days

Upon successful completion of the program, you’ll be able to:

  • Distinguish the characteristics of various partnership models used within the social impact sector
  • Understand how design thinking can be used as an intervention in the process of social impact partnership development
  • Apply this signature approach to a current partnership challenge facing society or an organization
  • Create a partnership action plan that reflects your human strengths and the challenges you may encounter as a social impact professional, now and into the future