Online Master's in Supply Chain Management
Online Course Schedule for Spring 2024

04 Jun 12-1pm ET
Master's in Supply Chain Management Webinar  
27 Jun 11:30am-1pm ET
SCS Open House Lunch  
25 Jul 12-1pm ET
Supply Chain Management—Virtual Faculty Panel  

Cost & Financial Analysis

This course challenges students to consider the linkages between supply chain management and corporate finance. Students learn to anticipate how supply chain decisions affect various stakeholders, both inside and outside the company, including how supply chain decisions create value for shareholders. Topics include accounting fundamentals, cost allocations, standard costing, activity-based costing, transfer pricing, working capital management, KPIs and dashboards, Total Cost of Ownership, and cash flow projections. This course also covers the fundamentals of supply chain finance, including topics such as payables discounting, reverse factoring, lease versus buy, and trade credits. Finally, the course introduces students to a variety of global supply chain and global trade topics, including duty and quotas, taxes, hedging, currency issues, and the mechanics of global joint ventures.

Note: This course is completed asynchronously online. There are no meeting times.

  • Course #: MPSC-5530-101
  • CRN: 40944
  • Instructor: Wells, R.
  • Dates: Jan 10 – May 11, 2024


Data Mgt & Visualization

This course introduces data management structures and platforms, data governance and collaborative data management practices, global product classification standards, information hierarchies and attributes, data analysis, procure to pay and information technology fundamentals for supply chain management. Topics covered include data modeling, relational databases, data extraction, data queries, and reporting.

Note: This course is completed asynchronously online.

  • Course #: MPSC-6660-101
  • CRN: 44402
  • Instructor: Treusdell, R.
  • Dates: Jan 10 – May 11, 2024


Distrib Strat & Logistics Mgt

This course introduces the various options for logistics management (1PL, 2PL, 3PL, etc.) and outlines the pros (including access to a global warehouse network, ability to focus company resources on core competencies, and shipping and risk mitigation) and cons (including cost and loss of control) of various distribution strategies. Students learn about methodologies for optimization, managing logistics, transportation regulations that impact logistics, types of logistics software, and methods to select distribution partners and network configuration.

Note: This course is completed asynchronously online. There are no meeting times.

  • Course #: MPSC-7800-101
  • CRN: 40948
  • Instructor: Spulick, S.
  • Dates: Jan 10 – May 11, 2024


Global Supply Chain Management

This course introduces students to the rules governing international trade and to global trade considerations. Topics include International Commercial Terms or Incoterms, frameworks for international expansion, regulatory and country reporting requirements, analysis of offshoring and outsourcing, and the evaluation of trade barriers and risks.

Note: This course is completed asynchronously online.

  • Course #: MPSC-7850-101
  • CRN: 42979
  • Instructor: Wells, R.
  • Dates: Jan 10 – May 11, 2024


Securing Digital SC

This course examines how organizations are increasing the security of their supply chains for critical products, materials, and systems. Students will focus on digital threats and vulnerabilities. The course explores case examples and industry and government best practices related to mitigation tools, strategies, and protective measures of Supply Chain Risk Management (SCRM) programs.

Note: This course has no meeting times and is completed online.

  • Course #: MPSC-6715-201
  • CRN: 46999
  • Instructor: Lehr-Lopez, N.
  • Dates: Mar 01 – Apr 30, 2024


Strategic Sourcing/Contracting

This course teaches students how to develop and execute a Strategic Sourcing Plan. Students will learn about methods, techniques and technology for strategic sourcing RFX events, contracting fundamentals and approaches, and supplier relationship management.

Note: This course is asynchronous. There are no meeting times.

  • Course #: MPSC-7000-101
  • CRN: 44401
  • Instructor: Lewis, S.
  • Dates: Jan 10 – May 11, 2024