Online Master's in Supply Chain Management

Online Course Schedule for Summer 2023

12 Jun 12-1pm ET
Master's in Supply Chain Management Webinar  
22 Jun 11:30am-1pm ET
SCS Open House Lunch  

Data Mgt & Visualization

This course introduces data management structures and platforms, data governance and collaborative data management practices, global product classification standards, information hierarchies and attributes, data analysis, procure to pay and information technology fundamentals for supply chain management. Topics covered include data modeling, relational databases, data extraction, data queries, and reporting.

Note: This course is completed asynchronously online.

  • Course #: MPSC-660-140
  • CRN: 18861
  • Instructor: Treusdell, R.
  • Dates: May 22 – Aug 19, 2023


Ethics & Corp. Soc. Res. in SC

This course introduces students to Corporate Social Responsibility (CSR) in supply chain and covers practical, real world topics such as: sourcing sustainable products from vendors, measuring and reporting environmental impacts, ethical sourcing, safety and quality assurance, diverse suppliers, human rights in the supply chain, and implementing a supplier code of conduct. The course will cover global views on CSR including the Global Reporting Initiative. Additionally, this course discusses ethical considerations encountered in supply chain management.

Note: This course is completed asynchronously online. This course is a core requirement of the degree and requires a grade of "B" or better for successful completion.

  • Course #: MPSC-500-140
  • CRN: 18898
  • Instructor: Goldston, J.
  • Dates: May 22 – Aug 19, 2023


Securing Digital SC

This course examines how organizations are increasing security of their supply chains for critical products, materials, and systems. Students will focus on digital threats and vulnerabilities. The course explores case examples and industry and government best practices related to mitigation tools, strategies, and protective measures of Supply Chain Risk Management (SCRM) programs.

Note: This course meets online.

  • Course #: MPSC-715-201
  • CRN: 18298
  • Instructor: Lehr-Lopez, N.
  • Dates: Jun 26 – Aug 19, 2023


Strategic Sourcing/Contracting

This course teaches students how to develop and execute a Strategic Sourcing Plan. Students will learn about methods, techniques and technology for strategic sourcing RFX events, contracting fundamentals and approaches, and supplier relationship management.

Note: This course is completed asynchronously online.

  • Course #: MPSC-700-140
  • CRN: 18211
  • Instructor: Dunn, L.
  • Dates: May 22 – Aug 19, 2023