Certificate in Early Intervention


You must successfully complete the eight required courses for a total of 18.00 Continuing Education Units (CEUs), which is equivalent to 180.0 contact hours. All eight courses must be completed within the 10-month time frame.

  1. Foundations of Early Intervention (2 CEUs)
  2. Providing Services to Young Children (3 CEUs)
  3. Gathering Information to Determine Eligibility (3 CEUs)
  4. Special Topics in Early Intervention (3 CEUs)
  5. Evidence-Based Practices (3 CEUs)
  6. Administration and Leadership in Early Intervention (3 CEUs)
  7. Practice Applications in Early Intervention (1 CEUs)
  8. Capstone Course in Early Intervention (2 CEUs)

Fall 2018–Spring 2019 Schedule

Course Name Dates

Foundations of Early Intervention

Sep 8

Providing Services to Young Children

Sep 10– Dec 3

Gathering Information to Determine Eligibility

Mar 9 – Mar 16

Special Topics in Early Intervention

Jan 4–Apr 1

Evidence-Based Practices

Jan 7–Apr 16

Administration and Leadership in Early Intervention

Feb 18–May 10

Practice Applications in Early Intervention

June 14

Capstone Course in Early Intervention

Sep 8–June 14