To earn a Bachelor of Arts in Liberal Studies, you must successfully complete 120 credits total. We accept up to 64 transfer credits, including military training.

All students entering the program must complete the following 57 credits at Georgetown:

  • 13 humanities courses (51 credits total):
    • Introduction to Ethics
    • Introduction to the Social Sciences
    • Greeks and Romans
    • Biblical Literature and the Ancient World
    • Medieval Thought and Culture
    • Faith and Reason in the Middle Ages
    • The Renaissance
    • The Early Modern World
    • Enlightenment, Revolution, and Democracy
    • The Nineteenth Century
    • War and Peace
    • The New Millennium
    • Writing in an Interdisciplinary Environment
  • 2 non-Western studies courses (6 credits total):
    • For a current list of non-Western studies courses, visit the Course Schedule

Upon entering the program, each student will have the opportunity to meet one-on-one with program staff to map out a curricular plan, apply any available transfer credits, and discuss elective and concentration options.

You’ll have the flexibility to earn your degree at a pace that suits your schedule:

  • Full-time students typically take four or more courses during the fall and spring semesters, and three or more courses during the summer semester.
  • Part-time students typically take one to two courses during the fall, spring, and summer semesters.

Student Advising & Resources

Our program is rooted in the belief that academic advising is a critical support mechanism for all students. From the moment you apply to the program, you'll receive guidance to help you in achieving your academic goals. Our program faculty and staff put a strong emphasis on establishing a rapport with each and every student to provide you with the tools you need for success.

Services and resources include:

  • Assistance with transferring credits from other schools
  • Orientation services for new students
  • Course selection and class registration guidance
  • Boot camps to improve writing and research skills
  • Coaching and seminars to improve study skills
  • Classroom tutoring
  • Career transition assistance
  • Long-term academic planning

Program Formats

The Bachelor of Arts in Liberal Studies program is on campus with online offerings. Our online courses have the same curricula as on-campus courses and offer access to all of the same University resources. In our online courses, you’ll be able to watch lectures and complete assignments on your own schedule. For a current list of online courses, please visit our Course Schedule.