Master's in Applied Intelligence

Mission & Learning Goals

10 May 11:30am-1:30pm ET
AI Week: Emerging Trends in Artificial Intelligence  
07 Jun 12-1pm ET
Master's in Applied Intelligence Webinar  

Mission Statement

The Georgetown University Master’s in Applied Intelligence program prepares students to undertake complex intelligence projects by applying the analytical frameworks and tools used in the fields of homeland security, cyber intelligence, law enforcement, and business intelligence.

Learning Goals

Upon successfully completing the Master's in Applied Intelligence program, you will be able to:

  • Creative and Critical Thinking: Apply analytical techniques to challenge or provide alternative perspectives to existing views on complex intelligence issues
  • Global Competency: Integrate global perspective and international best practices to intelligence analytical products
  • Ethical Reasoning and Values: Employ ethical decision frameworks to respond to moral dilemmas in applied intelligence fields
  • Applied Problem Solving: Prepare intelligence analytic products based on industry standards to enhance organizational effectiveness and provide alternative perspectives on increasingly complex problems
  • Information Literacy: Apply the intelligence cycle to support policy-making or decision-making processes
  • Technological Competency: Adapt to highly technology-driven intelligence fields by integrating various technologies across the five collection disciplines to enrich analytical products
  • Communication: Communicate complex intelligence analysis with objectivity to a wide range of stakeholders