Master's in Journalism
Mission & Learning Goals

01 Aug 12-1pm ET
Journalism—Virtual Sample Class  
24 Sep 12-1pm ET
Master's in Journalism Webinar  
29 Oct 12-1pm ET
Master's in Journalism Webinar  

Mission Statement

The Georgetown University Master of Professional Studies in Journalism program is committed to preparing students to be curious, responsible, and successful journalists in the digital age. Through demanding coursework taught by industry leaders and intensive practice, students develop a strong foundation of digital and entrepreneurial skills that are built on the core principles of accurate and fair reporting, sophisticated storytelling, and sound, ethical judgment.

Learning Goals

Upon successfully completing the MPS in Journalism, you will:

  • Creative and Critical Thinking: Analyze and apply the fundamentals of fair and accurate reporting to determine what qualifies as news, how to gather and verify information, and how to integrate multiple perspectives in telling stories.
  • Global Competence: Evaluate and respond effectively to the global news environment by collaborating with diverse participants to develop story ideas and to report, produce and disseminate the news using diverse viewpoints.
  • Ethical Reasoning and Values: Create a code of ethics reflective of Georgetown's Jesuit values and industry standards to inform story development, reporting, and news dissemination.
  • Applied Problem Solving: Integrate and apply industry-specific knowledge, theory, and practice to report and present news and information, with an emphasis on collaboration to develop and implement solutions to real-world ethical and reporting challenges.
  • Information Literacy: Obtain and synthesize information from a variety of sources to acquire the background and context necessary to assess credibility and bias so as to develop truthful and effective storytelling.
  • Technological Competency: Acquire and master technologies and varied storytelling techniques to report, produce, and deliver the news across multiple media formats.
  • Communication: Analyze the needs and perspectives of diverse stakeholders when crafting the story telling discourse through text, video, audio and digital media.