Master's in Journalism


31 Mar 12-1pm ET
The Politics of Justice in 2023  

Message from the Faculty Director

The master's in Journalism is a unique program that allows students of the profession to develop solid 21st century skills, learn from the top journalists in the field today, and network in the heart of America's democracy. The flexible learning environment and timeline allows us to cater to our student’s professional lives and brings a variety of students to our program from vastly different backgrounds. Our alumni are working all over the country at organizations ranging from smaller network television affiliates to some of the biggest news brands in the world. We pride ourselves on making sure students receive the foundational elements of journalism—accuracy, transparency, and thorough reporting—that are also grounded in a Georgetown ethical framework.

I hope to welcome you into our Georgetown SCS community and guide you through this unique time in the profession and in our democracy.

With warm regards,

Carole Feldman
Interim Faculty Director, Journalism

Carole Feldman

Carole Feldman is the interim faculty director of the Master’s in Journalism at Georgetown University’s ...

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Rolando Arrieta

Rolando is a three-time George Foster Peabody award-winning journalist, storyteller and educator.

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Ryan Beckwith

Ryan Teague Beckwith is a senior editor in the Washington bureau for TIME magazine.

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Brandon Benavides

Brandon A. Benavides, MA is a content producer at NBC4 in Washington, D.C. Benavides serves ...

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Alan Bjerga

Alan Bjerga is the author of the book "Endless Appetites: How the Commodities Casino Creates ...

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Carol Blymire

Once youngest-ever White House political appointee.

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Chad Day

Chad Day, a national politics reporter at The Wall Street Journal, teaches data-driven reporting in ...

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Nicolas Durand

Nicolas Durand is a digital entrepreneur, data enthusiast, and computer engineer.

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Gina Garcia

Gina Garcia Alger has lived and worked in Washington DC for nearly two decades.

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Jack Gillum

Jack Gillum is an adjunct lecturer in the journalism program at Georgetowns School of Continuing ...

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Kevin Grant

Kevin teaches Accountability Journalism at Georgetowns School of Continuing Studies.He is the co-founder and chief ...

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Lauren Knapp

Lauren Knapp is an adjunct instructor in the Masters of Journalism program.

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