Master's in Higher Education Administration

On-Campus Course Schedule for Summer 2022


Fond Clg Student Lern

This course provides an overview of student development, counseling, and human development theories as they pertain to student learning and development, with a particular focus on catering to different types of students who attend different institutions (or different programs within institutions), such as how theories of growth and development are different for traditional student populations versus adult learners.

Note: This course meets synchronously through Zoom at the day and time listed.

  • Course #: MPEA-720-40
  • CRN: 18856
  • Instructor: Cohen-Derr, E.
  • Dates: May 23 – Aug 20, 2022
  • Class Meetings:
    • Tue 5:15 PM - 8:15 PM


Independent Study

Students may consider doing an independent study if they have a specific research need that cannot be fulfilled in a regularly scheduled course. This course provides the opportunity to synthesize theoretical and practical content taught during the program into one course experience. Each student works with a faculty advisor who serves as a guide through the detailed development and execution of the independent study project and related deliverables. Students may take up to two independent study courses as part of their course of study. This course requires special approval from the program.

Note: This course is completed online via an asynchronous format. Extensive work is required outside of the classroom.

  • Course #: MPEA-800-10
  • CRN: 19194
  • Instructor: McFarland, M.
  • Dates: May 23 – Aug 12, 2022
  • Class Meetings: