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27 Jun 11:30am-1pm ET
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24 Jul 12-1pm ET
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A multitude of forces is demanding that higher education change to accommodate a brand new world, a new reality, a different landscape in which the present and future are dynamic and uncertain. Today’s institutions of higher education must transform and adapt to an array of new roles and responsibilities, from serving the most racially, socioeconomically, and academically diverse student population in history to making a quality education affordable, scalable, and global. To meet these new opportunities, institutions of higher education are seeking individuals with a unique portfolio of knowledge and skills that will enable them to tackle competitive challenges and implement new and effective organizational strategies.

The Master’s in Higher Education Administration provides distinctive learning opportunities in an applied setting, guiding students in the development of strategic and organizational agility to become effective leaders in the American higher education sector. Graduates of this program will gain the theoretical and practical knowledge necessary to move into administrative positions of increasing responsibility and have a greater impact on the transformation of higher education communities.

This is an exciting moment in higher education. Traditional assumptions are being challenged. A shift is occurring in how we think about when, where, and with whom the dynamic of teaching and learning takes place; providing relevant student services to the new traditional students, non-traditional learners; bundling and unbundling; and assessing the effectiveness of teaching, learning, and administration. There is a growing need for institutions of higher education, whether they be public, private, nonprofit, or for profit, to adapt to rapid advancements in digital technology, increasing student mobility, and to the cultural and economic changes and complexities of the 21st century. Among the most competitive industries in the United States, the colleges and universities that will be poised to achieve their missions and visions are those who attract and retain talented, bold, and entrepreneurial thinkers and leaders.

I invite you to explore Georgetown University as you seek to advance your career in higher education, a field that is increasingly complex and rich with opportunity.

Stephanie K. Kim, Ph.D.
Faculty Director and Associate Professor of the Practice
Higher Education Administration

Stephanie Kim

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Erika Cohen-Derr

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