Master's in Higher Education Administration

Kimberly Underwood

11 Oct 11:30am-1pm ET
SCS Open House Lunch  
26 Oct 12-1pm ET
Master's in Higher Education Administration Webinar  
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Kimberly Underwood

Dr. Kimberly Underwood is a faculty member in the Higher Education Administration program at Georgetown University. She is also the 2020 Tropaia Outstanding Faculty Award recipient for the HEA program. She has almost two decades of experience in diversity and inclusion education, consulting, research, university accreditation, and administration within higher education and government. She has served in the titles of Associate Dean of Academic Affairs and Policy, Assistant Dean of Student Affairs, Chairperson of Doctoral Studies, University Research Chair, and Director of Education and Training.

Dr. Underwood’s service record includes leadership and advisory positions within several professional and community organizations. Her publications and presentations address organizational diversity socialization processes, social justice and inclusion, research methods, and diversity within K-12 and higher education. She has taught doctoral- and graduate-level courses in areas of diversity management, higher education administration, educational leadership, education law, consulting, and organizational behavior and has earned the ranks of adjunct professor, assistant professor, and associate professor. Dr. Underwood earned her Ph.D. in Education at the University of Illinois at Chicago, MBA from the Illinois Institute of Technology, and Executive Certificate in Strategic Diversity and Inclusion Management from Georgetown University.