Online Master's in Higher Education Administration

Online Course Schedule for Spring 2023

14 Feb 11:30am-1pm ET
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07 Mar 6-7pm ET
Higher Education Administration Sample Class  


All students are required to complete a three-credit capstone project as the culminating experience of the program. This course, taken during the student’s last semester, demonstrates the student’s advanced grasp of the discipline of higher education administration and provides the opportunity to synthesize all of the theoretical and practical content taught during the program into one course experience. Each student works with a faculty advisor who serves as a guide through the detailed development and execution of the project and related deliverables. The capstone project is also an opportunity for students to develop connections and gain mentors to help them progress in their career upon graduation. To successfully fulfill the capstone requirement, students must complete an applied research project or an in-depth research paper, and defend their work in front of a panel of faculty and experts.

Note: This course is completed asynchronously online. This course is a core requirement of the degree and requires a grade of "B" or better for successful completion. Registration requires department approval.

  • Course #: MPEA-900-101
  • CRN: 37942
  • Instructor: Kim, S.
  • Dates: Jan 11 – May 13, 2023


Finance in Higher Education

Designed to give students an understanding of the budgeting considerations and processes at various levels within an institution, this course pays special attention to the different roles and functions of budget officers and how budgeting and finance affect various aspects of an institution’s operations. Students engage with financial methods and practices through case studies and problem sets. This course examines whether different financial approaches are more suitable for public, private, nonprofit, or for-profit higher education. Finally, students will learn how macroeconomic factors affect higher education institutions’ revenue streams and cost structures and how to communicate effectively with others about financial challenges.

Note: This course is completed asynchronously online.

  • Course #: MPEA-701-101
  • CRN: 44400
  • Instructor: Smith, E.
  • Dates: Jan 11 – May 13, 2023


Higher Education Practicum

The practicum allows students to apply classroom concepts in the field. Participants spend a semester in a department or functional area of an institution and gain experience as a higher education administrator. Students are expected to reflect on the practicum and synthesize the experience with their coursework. Students work with an advisor for this learning experience, and assignments evaluate their learning throughout the duration of the practicum. Students may take up to two elective practicums as part of their course of study. This opportunity gives students a better understanding of possible career paths through hands-on experience.

Note: This course is completed asynchronously online.

  • Course #: MPEA-760-101
  • CRN: 44981
  • Instructor: Cohen-Derr, E.
  • Dates: Jan 11 – May 13, 2023


Org & Admin in Higher Ed

This course will introduce students to the governance, structure, and management of higher education institutions. Different institution types (community colleges, colleges, universities, for-profit institutions) will be addressed so that students begin to understand how operating models differ among institutions. This course will prepare students for further course work in the Administration focus area and will provide an introduction to several elective courses, including Faculty Governance and Academic Administration, Budgeting and Financing in Higher Education, and Planning and Resource Management in Higher Education.

Note: This course is completed asynchronously online.

  • Course #: MPEA-620-101
  • CRN: 36572
  • Instructor: Kim, S.
  • Dates: Jan 11 – May 13, 2023


StdtAffairs:Orient to Prfssion

This course will provide students with an overview of the profession of student affairs. Students will explore the role of student affairs professionals in relation to functional/programmatic areas and supporting the institutional mission. An emphasis will be placed on understanding the responsibilities that student affairs professionals have in promoting holistic student development including intellectual, social, moral, and emotional development. Emphasis will be placed on self-reflection and developing a professional philosophy towards student affairs practice.

Note: This course is completed asynchronously online.

  • Course #: MPEA-630-101
  • CRN: 36573
  • Instructor: Vandenboom, C.
  • Dates: Jan 11 – May 13, 2023