Online Master's in Higher Education Administration

Online Course Schedule for Summer 2022



All students are required to complete a three-credit capstone project as the culminating experience of the program. This course, taken during the student’s last semester, demonstrates the student’s advanced grasp of the discipline of higher education administration and provides the opportunity to synthesize all of the theoretical and practical content taught during the program into one course experience. Each student works with a faculty advisor who serves as a guide through the detailed development and execution of the project and related deliverables. The capstone project is also an opportunity for students to develop connections and gain mentors to help them progress in their career upon graduation. To successfully fulfill the capstone requirement, students must complete an applied research project or an in-depth research paper, and defend their work in front of a panel of faculty and experts.

Note: This course is completed asynchronously online. This course requires department approval.

  • Course #: MPEA-900-140
  • CRN: 17525
  • Instructor: Underwood, K.
  • Dates: May 23 – Aug 20, 2022


Enrollment Mgmt: Stu Lifecycle

In this elective, students gain an understanding of enrollment management processes as well as strategies for recruiting, retaining, admitting, and enrolling students. The course examines the different stakeholders and gives an overview of the different factors influencing enrollment: financial aid and scholarships, academic standards, demographics, legal precedent, and institutional goals. Students learn recruitment and enrollment strategies based on research, differentiation, marketing, and data analysis and reporting.

Note: This course is completed asynchronously online.

  • Course #: MPEA-775-140
  • CRN: 18257
  • Instructor: Hesse, E.
  • Dates: May 23 – Aug 20, 2022


Global Higher Education

This course introduces students to a global approach to higher education, exploring how globalization has affected higher education and how institutions are adapting to the shifting landscape. Throughout the course, students explore current events and issues in higher education with a global perspective while examining the implications that globalization has on governance, operations, academic and student affairs, and enrollment. Topics such as the rise of global-format education programs outside of traditional study abroad programs, increasing international student enrollments, and the expansion of international branch campuses will also be covered.

Note: This course is completed asynchronously online.

  • Course #: MPEA-610-140
  • CRN: 18174
  • Instructor: Lucus, J.
  • Dates: May 23 – Aug 20, 2022


Higher Education Policy

This course is designed to survey the policy landscape that has helped shape higher education and considers the direction and implications of current and future policies. Students examine federal, state, and local policies that affect institutions, including policies governing assessment systems and the regulation and financing of schools. They also explore the ways in which policy influences various aspects of the university, including governance, research, and student affairs.

Note: This course is completed asynchronously online.

  • Course #: MPEA-700-140
  • CRN: 17024
  • Instructor: Phillips, B.
  • Dates: May 23 – Aug 20, 2022