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The Georgetown Community

Becoming a Georgetown SCS student doesn’t just give you access to resources on our campus—you are also linked with the entire Georgetown University community and network. In particular, the SCS student community is part of GradGov, Georgetown’s graduate student government where students have the opportunity to run and serve on the board. Enrollment in any of the “branches” is open to students from any program, regardless of the School in which they are housed. And if you’re looking for other opportunities to engage, throughout the year SCS offers networking events, panel discussions, and numerous ways to connect with our growing community of 10,000 SCS alumni.

Connect with Students Across SCS

Did you just get accepted? Here are some tips for sharing the good news:

  • Tell your friends and family about your acceptance to Georgetown with this tweet! Follow and tag @GeorgetownSCS on Twitter, Facebook, and Instagram for a chance to get reposted.
  • Use one of these custom graphics to share your acceptance on Facebook, Instagram, Twitter, and Snapchat
  • Add your new Georgetown program to your LinkedIn profile and start connecting with other SCS students and alumni on the SCS LinkedIn page.
  • Stop by the SCS campus and take your sign selfie! Post it on Instagram and tag @GeorgetownSCS.
  • Screenshot one of these custom Georgetown wallpapers for your phone, or use it to share your acceptance on your Instagram story!

Want to connect with other incoming students in your program and across SCS? Join the Facebook group for the year you’ll start classes at Georgetown SCS. Here, you can connect with other students, plan social events, network, ask questions, share tips, find roommates, and more!

Looking for more ways to connect? Join our community on social by following @GeorgetownSCS:

Additionally, if your program has a LinkedIn group, we encourage you to join (using the links below) to connect with classmates, alumni, faculty, and more.


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