Honor Code

Georgetown Student Pledge

The Honor System and Membership on the Council

The School of Continuing Studies proudly supports Georgetown University's Honor System. All students enrolled in the School's programs—including noncredit, credit, high school, summer, undergraduate, and graduate students—are held to the highest standards of ethical conduct as defined by the Honor Council. The Honor Council (and Hearing Board for student cases) comprises student, faculty, and administrator volunteers who believe in the integrity of the Honor System. We strongly encourage interested students to apply to serve on the Council. Applications are available by emailing honor@georgetown.edu. SCS graduate students can also apply and serve on the Council. Click here for more information on the Honor System in practice.

Honor Code Tutorial

SCS Students who are required to complete the online “Honor Code Tutorial” must do so in accordance with the University guidance and deadlines. Those who do not complete the tutorial as required will be subject to a registration hold.

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