Certificate in Organization Development Consulting & Change Leadership

Executive Certificate in Organization Development Consulting & Change Leadership

Develop essential skills in organization development consulting and change management to drive change at all levels of the system.

Organizations must continually adapt in our increasingly complex and quickly changing environment. In order to effect change and thrive, they require support. The Executive Certificate in Organization Development Consulting & Change Leadership is for anyone who wants to better understand organizational systems and help facilitate sustainable change processes. You’ll learn foundational self-awareness, concepts, and skills needed to design inquiry and engagement processes that help organizations fulfill their missions and become more equitable, humane, and empowering workplaces. You will apply those skills in a program-long practicum where you will work with another student as a team of consultants to a real-world client on an OD engagement.

This program is designed for change leaders, internal practitioners in Human Resources (HR), Organization Development (OD), and Diversity, Equity, & Inclusion (DEI), as well as current and future external consultants. You'll focus not only on what you need to be “doing,” but also on who you are “being” as a consultant and leader. This deeply transformative program goes beyond teaching organization development as a discipline; you will be challenged to become an impactful OD practitioner with a curious mindset, a grounded presence, and an ability to lead with an open heart.

Our curriculum has been designed to meet the moment—where the concepts of work and workplace are being reimagined, where DEI and OD have become inextricably intertwined, and where OD learning and practice can be maximized via synchronous and asynchronous methodologies in face-to-face, remote, and hybrid environments. Join our learning community and become a more effective instrument of change.

  • Ideal for
    consultants, change leaders, and practitioners in HR, OD, and DEI

  • Duration
    9 courses over 8 months

  • Tuition

  • Format
    Online & On-Campus

  • Schedule
    All day, Thurs–Sat, once a month

  • Semester of Entry

Upon successful completion of the program, you’ll be able to:

  • Facilitate transformation through an Organization Development (OD) lens
  • Express a deeper understanding of your own strengths, preferences, and habits, and how these ways of being, along with our myriad social identities, shape the ways we see, understand, and experience the world and each other
  • Leverage insights about yourself to become a more effective instrument of influence as a consultant and change leader
  • Apply relevant theories and models to assess the current state of an organization and build capacity of individuals and groups to articulate and bring about desired change
  • Implement sustainable change at the individual, group, and systems levels by developing strategies for inclusive engagement, dialogue, and decision making, and building capacity to navigate conflict
  • Demonstrate practitioner competencies of the OD Cycle (entry, contracting, data collection, analysis and feedback, intervention) through a program-long applied team project with a real client
  • Leverage a peer network that supports continued personal and professional growth

Curriculum & Schedule

You must successfully complete all nine required courses for a total of 17.4 Continuing Education Units (CEUs), or 174 contact hours. The program must be completed in sequence as a cohort over eight months. Classes meet monthly for 3-4 full days followed by a half-day faculty-led learning team meeting on the Friday after each course. This program has a hybrid delivery modality. Classes 1, 3, 4, 6, and 7 are delivered live-online via the Zoom Conferencing application, and Classes 2, 5, and 8 are delivered in person at the SCS campus in downtown, Washington DC. Attendance for all live-online and in-person/on-campus class sessions and Learning Team Meetings is mandatory to successfully complete this Executive Certificate Program.

To view a list of all mandatory class dates, please see the 2024 Cohort Schedule.

  1. Making Meaning of Systems: Organizational Theory (2.4 CEUs)
  2. Cultivating Self as an Instrument of Change (1.8 CEUs)
  3. Collecting Data and Designing Feedback (1.8 CEUs)
  4. Transforming Systems: Change Theory and Practices (1.8 CEUs)
  5. Working with Group Dynamics and Conflict (1.8 CEUs)
  6. Designing Interventions that Move Systems to Action (1.8 CEUs)
  7. Facilitating Inclusive Dialogue and Clear Decision Making in Organizations (1.8 CEUs)
  8. Integrating and Applying Lessons Learned (1.8 CEUs)
  9. Organization Development Consulting Application (2.4 CEUs)

What Is Live Online Learning?
Live online instruction is enhanced by incorporating various instructional practices and technology tools. Features such as Zoom video conferencing, breakout rooms, and chat allow for real-time interaction and collaboration among learners. Tools like Google Docs, Slides, Sheets, and Canvas Groups facilitate teamwork and information sharing within the learning community. Polling, surveys, and threaded discussion boards promote active engagement and the expression of opinions. It is important to foster social respect, privacy, and incorporate Jesuit values to create a supportive and inclusive online environment. By utilizing these practices and tools effectively, live online instruction can be engaging, interactive, and conducive to meaningful learning experiences.

What Is On-Campus Learning?
On-Campus programs combine traditional classroom learning with interactive experiential methodology. Classes typically meet for two or three consecutive days once a month at our downtown Washington, D.C. campus.


Debra Alexander

For more than 25 years Debra Alexander has assisted organizations in creating inclusive and relational cultures that promote and sustain employee engagement, high performance and positive results. Debra Alexander is ...
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Brian Emerson

Brian Emerson, Ph.D. is a Principal of Andiron, a firm committed to helping leaders navigate organizational complexity by building both/and mindsets. Brian has an impressive history of partnering with organizations ...
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Marcia Feola

As a principal, in Powerfulwork, Marcia’s focus is on creating a vibrant consulting firm dedicated to bringing leading-edge leadership and management tools to business and government.  With over 30 years ...
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Marsha Hughes-Rease

Marsha is an evidence-based coach and OD consultant. Marsha Hughes-Rease, a Navy veteran, has over 12 years of experience as a professional coach, OD consultant, and educator. Marsha’s coaching niche ...
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Larry Hultberg

Creating conversations to inspire change.   Larry was an executive with Accenture and his experience includes being the senior bid manager for Washington 2024s bid for the summer Olympics. Other ...
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David Jamieson

Dave is an experienced consultant, professor, author, coach, and leader.   Dr. Jamieson is President, of Jamieson Consulting Group, Inc. (providing consultation, leader coaching & speaking), and a retired Professor, ...
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Anne Litwin

Dr. Anne Litwin has been a consultant to organizations, an executive coach, a researcher and author for more than 30 years in the USA and internationally. Anne has a passion ...
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Magdy Mansour

Magdy works with leaders to create new ideas and approaches to achieving a desired future state.   Magdy is an Organization Development consultant and certified Leadership Coach at The Clearing, ...
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Sharon Newport

Sharon is an experienced organizational consultant, international facilitator and speaker, and award winning executive.   Sharon Newport, CAE is an organizational development consultant who partners with leaders to advance their ...
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Tony Bennae Richard

Tony Bennae Richard is a disabled veteran who served the United States Navy for twenty-four years as a Hospital Corpsman, Naval Officer, and internal organization development consultant for Navy Medicine. ...
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Lisa Silverberg

Lisa Silverberg, ODCCL Assistant Program Director, is the founder and principal of Process Matters, LLC. She is an OD consultant, facilitator, and coach. Lisa Silverberg, ODCCL Assistant Program Director, is ...
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Jessica Srikantia Field

Jessica Srikantia Field, Ph.D., PCC, ITCA, is the Academic Director and Associate Professor of the Practice with the Georgetown Institute of Transformational Leadership (ITL). Jessica has engaged in global solidarity work with extraordinary ...
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Fasika Tefera

Fasika Tefera, ODCCL Program Director, is an award-winning organizational change consultant and executive coach advising leaders and enhancing organization and individual performance for almost 20 years. Fasika Tefera is an ...
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Paco Valencia

Paco brings over 25 years of Organization Development experience to his work with military, government agencies, and the private sector.   By using behavioral science theory and practices, Paco has ...
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Jessica Zucal

Jessica is an organization system disruptor and change enabler, with over twenty years of experience, Jessica helps clients to see the system while equipping them to navigate it and drive ...
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How to Apply

Application Dates

Spring Cohort

Application Opens—Sep 1

  • Deadline—Feb 15

Program Prerequisites:

A minimum of five years of education, training and/or professional experience in coaching, human resources, leadership, organization development or a related field.

Please review the refund policies in our Student Handbook before completing your registration.

Degree Requirement

You must hold a bachelor's degree or the equivalent in order to enroll in our certificate programs. For each cohort, an application review committee offers admission to a diverse group of students to enrich the classroom experience.

Tips for the Online Application

  • Our online application securely stores your information and saves your progress so you can update and complete your information at your convenience
  • Click the “SAVE” button at each stage of the application process to ensure that your work and documents are uploaded

Tips for Your Letter of Recommendation (not required for all programs)

  • Your recommender is notified when you submit your online application
  • Notify your recommenders ahead of time and submit your application at least one week prior to the deadline to allow time for them to complete and submit your recommendation
  • A personal email address for your recommender works best
  • Government, military, and corporate email servers often have filters that delay or prevent messages from being delivered

International Students

International students who enter the U.S. on a valid visa are eligible to enroll in certificate courses. However, Georgetown University cannot sponsor student visas for noncredit professional certificate programs.

A TOEFL examination is not required for non-native speakers of English but students are expected to read, write, and comprehend English at the graduate level to fully participate in and gain from the program.

Students from most countries may register for our online certificate programs, however, due to international laws, residents of certain countries are prohibited from registering.

Tuition & Funding

Total program tuition for all 9 courses is $11,895. Textbooks are not included.


Noncredit professional certificates do not qualify for federal financial aid, scholarships, grants, or needs-based aid. However, several finance and funding options do exist, as listed below.

Employer Education and Training Budgets

Some employers offer funding for employee education or professional development. If an employer guarantees payment for employee education and training, Georgetown will accept an Intent to Pay form. If you are using employer sponsorship or training authorizations, you must submit an Intent to Pay form with your registration.

If your employer will pay for your tuition, select “Third-Party Billing” as your method of payment when you register for courses online. Please submit an Intent to Pay form indicating that your employer or another third party should be billed for tuition. Invoices will not be generated without this form on file.

Federal Agency Training Funds*
  • According to the Federal Employees Almanac 2014, federal agencies may:
    • Pay training and education expenses from appropriated funds or other available funds for training needed to support program functions
    • Reimburse employees for all or part of the costs of training or education
    • Share training and education costs with employees
    • Pay travel expenses for employees assigned to training
    • Adjust an employee's normal work schedule for educational purposes not related to official duties

Georgetown accepts Standard Form-182 (SF-182) for training authorizations from the federal government.

*Federal employees should ask the appropriate budget officer about training budgets available.

Georgetown Employee TAP Benefits

Eligible Georgetown employees may use their Tuition Assistance Program (TAP) benefits to fund 90% of the certificate program tuition—employees will be invoiced for the remaining 10% of tuition and must pay any other charges associated with their certificate program. Employees using TAP benefits may work directly with the HR Benefits Office to ensure payment prior to the start of any course. This payment option is only valid if registration occurs at least 10–14 business days prior to the start date of the first course. Any fees incurred due to course withdrawal are the student’s responsibility and are not funded by Georgetown University TAP. For questions regarding TAP benefits, please contact the HR/Benefits Office at tapbenefits@georgetown.edu or (202) 687-2500.

GoArmyEd.com for Active Duty, National Guard,
Army Reserve Soldiers, and Army Civilians

SCS is registered with GoArmyEd.com to accept SF-182 training authorization forms. GoArmyEd.com is the virtual gateway for all eligible active duty, National Guard, and Army Reserve soldiers to request Tuition Assistance (TA) online. GoArmyEd.com is also the virtual gateway for Army Civilians to apply for their Civilian education, training, and leadership development events.

Interest-Free Payment Plan

The professional certificate programs offer an interest-free payment plan for certificate programs that are more than one month in duration and for which the total tuition is greater than or equal to $4,000. The payment plan is structured in the following manner:

  • Payment #1: A down payment of 25% of the total tuition balance must be paid online (within 72 hours after you register and select Payment Plan) via the Noncredit Student Portal. Please submit your down payment as soon as possible.
  • Payments #2, #3, and #4: Your remaining balance will be due in three (3) equal monthly installments beginning 30 calendar days after your down payment is processed. Your monthly payments must be paid via credit card in the Noncredit Student Portal. You will be able to access each invoice and payment due date in your student account.
  • PLEASE NOTE: Automatic Payment Service is not available. You must make each subsequent payment via the Noncredit Student Portal.

Military Benefits/GI Bill®

A number of tuition benefits are available through the Department of Veterans Affairs and under various parts of the GI Bill®. Please visit the Resources for Military Students page for additional information and instructions.

Private Education Loans

Some students choose to finance certificate programs with private education loans. Students are responsible for contacting lenders directly to find out if a noncredit professional certificate program is eligible for a loan. While Georgetown University will not recommend specific lenders, it will certify loans for eligible programs from approved lenders.

For eligible noncredit professional certificate programs, Georgetown University will certify loan amounts up to the full cost of tuition for the program. Tuition does not cover books, travel, or living expenses. Please see individual program pages for tuition rates.

Georgetown University has a unique campus code for Sallie Mae. Our Sallie Mae branch code is 001445-99.

You must be approved for a loan before registering for courses. Follow these steps to pursue a loan option:

  1. Check the list of lenders that have offered private education loans in the past to Georgetown University students.
  2. Contact the lender and confirm your program is eligible for a private education loan.
  3. Obtain the necessary paperwork and apply for the loan.
  4. Georgetown will certify loan amounts based on the information below. Please note that our branch code is 001445-99.
  5. If approved, register for courses:
    • Payment sent to Georgetown: Select “Third-Party Payment” at the time of registration if the lender is sending funds directly to Georgetown.
    • Enter the information about the lender and then contact Noncredit Student Accounts at noncreditaccounts@georgetown.edu.

Note: It is your responsibility to contact Georgetown University Noncredit Student Accounts at noncreditaccounts@georgetown.edu to ensure that your loan is processed.

Tuition Discounts

Only one tuition discount may be applied at the time of registration. Tuition discounts cannot be combined. Tuition discounts are not applied retroactively. Please contact pdcprograms@georgetown.edu with any questions.

GU Alumni 10% Discount

Georgetown University alumni and SCS certificate completers are eligible to receive a 10% tuition discount for many certificates offered within SCS’s Institute for Transformational Leadership (ITL) portfolio. When registering for an eligible certificate through the SCS website, you will see the "10% Georgetown Alumni Discount" as an option. The Enrollment Team will then verify your eligibility status as a Georgetown University alumnus or certificate completer.

OPM Federal Scholarship Alliance 10% Discount

Eligible federal employees across the country receive a 10% scholarship applied to the current tuition rate for all SCS degree programs and professional certificate programs each academic semester. Please contact pdcprograms@georgetown.edu for steps to be added to this discount group.

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Student Accounts
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Certifying Military Benefits
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