Organization Development Consulting & Change Leadership

Curriculum & Schedule

You must successfully complete all nine required courses for a total of 17.1 Continuing Education Units (CEUs), or 171 contact hours. The program must be completed in sequence as a cohort over eight months. Classes meet monthly for 3-4 full days followed by a half-day faculty-led learning team meeting on the Friday after each course. Attendance for all Live-Online Class sessions and Learning Team Meetings is mandatory to successfully complete this Executive Certificate Program.

To view a list of all mandatory class dates, please see the 2023 Cohort Schedule.

  1. Making Meaning of Systems: Organizational Theory (2.4 CEUs)
  2. Cultivating Self as an Instrument of Change (1.8 CEUs)
  3. Collecting Data and Designing Feedback (1.8 CEUs)
  4. Transforming Systems: Change Theory and Practices (1.8 CEUs)
  5. Working with Group Dynamics and Conflict (1.8 CEUs)
  6. Facilitating Inclusive Dialogue and Clear Decision Making in Organizations (1.8 CEUs)
  7. Designing Interventions that Move Systems to Action (1.8 CEUs)
  8. Integrating and Applying Lessons Learned (1.8 CEUs)
  9. Organization Development Consulting Application (2.1 CEUs)