Master's in Real Estate

Mission & Learning Goals

07 Jun 12-1pm ET
Master's in Real Estate Webinar  

Mission Statement

The Georgetown University Master of Professional Studies in Real Estate program inspires, challenges, and prepares emerging real estate leaders to develop, construct, and invest in innovative, sustainable, and successful projects in local and global markets. A faculty of experienced industry practitioners delivers a comprehensive curriculum with specialized focus areas in development, finance, and construction.

Learning Goals

Upon successfully completing the MPS in Real Estate, you will:

  • Synthesize financial data, demographics, site data, legal and regulatory documents, and market analyses to evaluate and justify the feasibility of a project
  • Interpret historical financial statements and construct a financial pro forma for projected income, expenses, project costs, and estimated returns on investment
  • Demonstrate communication, listening, negotiation, presentation, and leadership skills to develop creative solutions that address common problems and meet collective needs
  • Identify ethical issues that arise from given decisions and choose solutions to problems that balance personal and public risks and rewards
  • Recognize and respect the different points of view of multiple stakeholders and various professional disciplines and find areas of common interest