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12 Jun 12-1pm ET
Master's in Real Estate Webinar  
27 Jun 11:30am-1pm ET
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30 Jul 12-1pm ET
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Message from the Faculty Director

One of the great things about real estate is seeing and touching the work you have done. Buildings are long-lasting, and each building is a reflection of the team of people who plan, finance, lease, build, and manage it. Georgetown's Master of Professional Studies in Real Estate (MPRE) program brings together students and faculty from all of these specialties and encourages them to share their ideas and dreams, and to work through any obstacles that arise as these dreams become reality. We offer a large and diverse program, with over 650 students and 60 instructors who come together on campus and online from a wide range of backgrounds, across the U.S. and overseas, with a shared desire to succeed. We hope you enjoy your experience here and make the most of the resources available and the people you encounter throughout your time in the program—and beyond.

With warm regards,

Glenn Williamson
Faculty Director and Associate Professor of the Practice, Real Estate

Glenn R. Williamson

Glenn Williamson is the owner and managing director of Amber Real Estate LLC, an international ...

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Mohsen Abrisham Kar

Mohsen comes from a solid technical background with a strong interest in real estate finance ...

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Corinne Beasley

Corinne Packard Beasley brings experience in both government and private development to her teaching, which ...

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Kathleen Bolger

Kathleen “Kathy” Bolger serves as Chief Operating Officer of PortfolioFirst Parking Solutions LLC, an international ...

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Kathryn Burgess

Ms. Burgess has been with J Street Companies for 14 years, starting as a Property ...

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Michael J. Bush

As Chief Real Estate Officer for Giant Food, Mike Bush devised and implemented strategy for ...

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Thomas Cardman

Michael consults as the director of operations and finance for a private real estate development ...

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Elizabeth Casqueiro

Elizabeth Casqueiro has 36 years of experience in global management of real estate corporate assets.

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Lydia Charles

Garnering buy-in, attracting long-term human capital, and anchoring creative resilient communities have been Lydia Charless ...

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Kimberly Connelly

Kimberly Connelly serves jointly on the faculties of the Real Estate and Urban & Regional ...

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Robert Cristiano

Dr. Cristiano is a Capstone Professor at Georgetown University teaching real estate in the Master ...

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James Dalkin

James R Dalkin is a lecturer in accounting and finance and co-creator of the Masters ...

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