Certificate in Legal Concepts for Decision Makers

Certificate in Legal Concepts for Decision Makers

Live Online Format

Gain a foundational understanding of business law as well as the key legal processes involved in the formation, operation, and dissolution of business entities.

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Georgetown University’s Certificate in Legal Concepts for Decision Makers prepares you with the foundational knowledge you need to successfully operate a business venture within today’s complex legal and regulatory landscape.

Designed for non-legal professionals—including small business owners, middle managers, current and aspiring entrepreneurs, and anyone interested in understanding basic legal principles—our program offers an introduction to business management in the American legal system.

Emphasizing a foundational understanding of substantive legal basics, our program exposes you to the inner workings of business law. You’ll study various types of business organizations and structures while examining the key processes involved in the formation, operation, and dissolution of business entities. You’ll also learn how to identify potential legal issues and how to address remedies in the event of a breach.

Throughout the program, you’ll explore concepts such as intellectual property, employment law, litigation, and best practices for conducting business on the internet. You’ll take a comprehensive look at the creation, execution, and enforcement of contracts, as well as how to manage the functions across each stage.

  • Ideal for

    Small business owners and middle managers

  • Duration

    6 months to 2 years

  • Tuition


  • Format

    Live Online

  • Schedule

    Friday evenings & Saturdays

  • Semester of Entry

    Fall & spring

What Is Live Online Learning?

Georgetown faculty deliver exceptional educational experiences based on a human-centered approach that integrates the needs of professional learners and the possibilities of technology. Live online classes are kept small to support interactive engaged learning and collaboration.

Upon successful completion of the Certificate in Legal Concepts for Decision Makers, you’ll be able to:

  • Examine basic concepts and principles of business law
  • Explain how to navigate laws and regulations
  • Define foundational legal concepts
  • Describe business structures and legal entities
  • Summarize legal responsibilities of corporate directors, officers, owners, and employees
  • Recognize how contracts and business agreements are structured
  • Express the importance of contracts and agreements for a successful business
  • Discuss specialty areas of employment law, intellectual property, and conducting business online